Our Mount Street Treehouse

To some people share house living is a necessary evil, but to us it was elective happiness. Living under the one roof with my lover and three of my best friends a couple of years back is one of the most cherished times of my life.

Somehow our personalities completely complimented each other not only as friends but as living partners. It was the highlight of my day making breakfast alongside these folk and walking in the door to have a wind down beer with them at the end of each day.

Our time together wasn't just contained to weekdays either, we spent what felt like every waking minute of life with each other. But that was okay because it was when we felt the most content with life, with our Commune crew (as we so fondly call 'our people').

For more of an insight into the goings on in this magical Burleigh treehouse, get your hands on a copy of SPACES volume three by frankie magazine here. As my previous job was in marketing at frankie, our 70s home was fortunate enough to be featured in this very edition.  Here are some of the photos featured (by the wonderful Nat McComas) so you can dive into the world of our share house bliss!