Mumma moment: Marissa Bowden

As one of the clever minds behind local treasure trove The Village Markets, we've adored following the journey of Marissa and her two beautiful daughters, Stevie and Pepper. A natural style queen, Pepper was adamant she should choose her own outfit for our mothers day shoot. The vibrant love that radiated between these two was captured perfectly by Tara Samuelson.

Tell me about your family?
Our family consists of myself, my wonderful husband Rick and our girls Stevie (5) and Pepper (3).

Aside from being a mum, what are you most passionate about?
I’m passionate about many things, first and foremost my beautiful family. I am passionate about coffee and margaritas also! ;) I believe in living each day as it comes, making the most of this beautiful place we call home, travel, quality time together and the beach. I’m passionate about my business, The Village Markets and supporting other small creative businesses.
How has motherhood influenced your style?
I’d say my style has just adapted with age, as opposed to changing because I am a mother. My style has definitely evolved and I opt for basic staples and fabrics that will last. I dress for comfort, I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.
Where's your favourite places to shop for your kids?
The Village Markets! Absolutely. For example the beautiful Bambita pieces worn by Pepper and the bebes in this shoot can be found at TVM. I also love discovering labels via Instagram, such as Print Bebe, Daughter Co. and Yoli and Otis.
What are the biggest lessons motherhood has taught you?
Patience. Gratitude. Slow down. To be as present as I can possibly be and to soak in every minute of every day - as it goes by so bloody fast!!! 
What is the biggest highlight of your parenthood journey so far?
Every bit of this crazy, insanely beautiful, challenging journey has been incredible!! Being a mother is by far the best thing I have ever done and will ever do.
How has your relationship with your own mum influenced the relationship you have with your kids?
My mother is kind, passionate, encouraging, loyal, smart and she’s always instilled so much self belief in my sister and I. I’m lucky to have such a beautiful role model - and go-to for parenting advice when needed!!
When it comes to raising your children, what are the most important values you hope to instil in them?
Kindness! Respect for themselves and for others. To be mindful. 
What's the best thing about mums?
Mums are freaking warriors I tell you. They are giving, selfless, nurturing, goddesses. 
What would you say your motherhood mantra is?
Just roll with it! ... And make sure you have a supportive group of girlfriends/fellow mumma’s to catch up with regularly for a wine/coffee, makes so much difference to share this wild journey with likeminded souls.
Advice for mums-to-be?
Go easy on yourself. Listen to your gut. Don’t read any damn books.
Pepper wears Bambita Kid's Marigold Gypsy Dress. Marissa wears our Voodoo Dress in amethyst. Location: Trader Trove.