Mumma moment: Priscylla Elliott

You know those women who have this majestic energy that just captives you in the most mesmerising way? That's Priscylla Elliott, one of our longest-standing mumma crushes. This women is a honest breath of fresh air, and we can't get enough of her gorgeous family. One half of new lingerie label Selen, we think Tara Samuelson captured her tribe perfectly.

Tell me about your family?

We're a strong bunch of personalities, two Taurean's, a Scorpio & our little Libra boy to balance it out. We're all very energetic although Jannion & I are starting to feel old with two spritely sprouts in da house!!! We're smooshy, we really love each other. We love the simple things and most of our interests revolve around nature and being outdoors. 

What are your kids names and why did you choose them?

Lyluna - inspired by my mothers name Lillyana (who has gone back to stardust). My mum made sure all of our (her children) names had a 'y' in them, so I just wanted to continue that tradition. She's Peruvian so Spanish was her native tongue. Luna = Moon in spanish this part of her name is a gentle nod to the fact that many aspects of our lives, especially women's, are governed by the moons rhythms. Wolfgang was my godfathers name, who was German, as is my Father. I've always loved the strength in that name, it reminds me of a native american name, plus it's the ONLY boys name Jannion & I could agree on! We call them Lylu & Wolf or Wolfy mostly.

Aside from being a mum, what are you most passionate about?

Hmmmm  . . . . Living a life that is meaningful to me. I question and contemplate all aspects of my life from health, friendships, travel, interests, and the daily choices I make. It has changed over the years as I move through phases and different experiences - from the dance floors to the ashrams haha. I've always been drawn to ancient practices & rituals and love incorporating them into this modern way of living. Ayurveda has been a big influence. Relationships are also very important to me, as is expressing myself and being creative. I have in no way mastered the art of achieving this purposeful life - I am still learning and exploring!

Tell me about your new fashion venture?

My friend Jessie & I have been dreaming & refining for a couple of years now - we both have two babes so it's been a slow process, but has allowed us to source what we needed to create our vision. Selen was born because we wanted to wear beautiful, feminine underwear made from natural and organic fibers but couldn't find any. We both have design backgrounds and we were ready to be our own boss! The knowledge I've gained studying Ayurvedic Medicine heavily influences our designs - we have a strong brand philosophy that we are really proud of. Each part of the design process from manufacturing to packaging has been crafted in such a way that doesn't harm the planet or it's inhabitants and each garments is healthy for your body. We can't wait to show you Chrysalis, our first range of 'peace' silk intimates hand made & botanically dyed in Byron Bay.

How has motherhood influenced your style?

Welllllllll I oscillate between being a dishevelled tracky mum and born again statement maker. I've become more about comfort & practicality but I'm actually just starting to rebuild a wardrobe of expression and colour after a couple of years of being a bit neutral and basic. I've pulled a few quirky vintage treasures out of storage and am grateful I didn't let it all go. But then I still have days where I love being neutral. I'm a bit of a chameleon depending on my mood. Most pieces I buy now are made of natural fibres - silk, cotton, linen. 

Where's your favourite places to shop for your kids?

There's so many beautiful local labels I love - Millk, Yoli & Otis, Little Winnie, Children of the tribe, Chasing Unicorns, Bandikoot and I've just discovered Bambita!!!

What are the biggest lessons motherhood has taught you?

That I am still a child and I have much to learn. That children are magnificent teachers and a source of pure love and joy. It really does 'take a village' and I've learnt the importance of community and supporting each other, many of my friends have been so supportive and helpful. Hail Hail the Sisterhood!!!! 


What is the biggest highlight of your parenthood journey so far?

The biggest highlight - a tough one, so many highlights. I really love the fuzzy feeling I get seeing Janny & the kids in a special moment. Also, watching the connection between Lylu and Wolf is just so precious, they have a strong bond and love for one another. Also, I just love knowing that these two beautiful beings will be my friends for life - I can't wait to have many more adventures with them as adults!!!

How has your relationship with your own mum influenced the relationship you have with your kids?

I have a whole new perspective and respect for both of my parents!! My mother gave so much love, she was patient, kind and 'life of the party' fun - proper South American style! I'd love to say I'm as patient, understanding and fun as she, was but I'm definitely aspiring to be! She was an incredible role model. She had a way of saying the wisest and most profound things in the simplest of ways. She would have loved being a Grandma, I hope my kids can experience a bit of her magical spirit through me.

When it comes to raising your children, what are the most important values you hope to instil in them?

To be kind, to listen, to think for themselves and be the true expression of their hearts. 

What's the best thing about mums?

The sisterhood. There's something magic about being with other mothers, this universal feeling of being deeply understood. I am so lucky I live in an area where there's lots of amazing women and we all connect and (over) share openly haha. There's lots of laughing and keeping it real. We have lots of good times but we're also a big support system for each other during challenges. It's really special and I'm forever grateful to be surrounded by such amazing and inspiring women

What would you say your motherhood mantra is?

Slow down and enjoy life through the eyes of my children - their pure and cosmic vision, let go of the idea of an organised life for now, and nurture myself sometimes. (I am still trying really hard to achieve these!

Advice for mums-to-be?

Trust your intuition and your children. Read books, research, get information, then make your own decisions about how you want to do it all. Don't isolate yourself, connect with other mums and bubs and always call out when in need. Let your children get dirty and run wild in nature - often. 

Priscylla wears our Foxy crop and Penny maxi skirt, Lyluna wears Bambita Kids Poppy Tunic and Wolfgang wears Bambita Kids Cassidy Overalls.
Location: Trader Trove.