A modern style icon

If you are yet to be introduced to the world of Sarah Humphrey, prepare to be mesmerised.

A true style queen and '70s aficionado, Sarah has a way with clothes that constantly makes our eyes melt. Mixing incredible vintage items with new threads, this is a woman who knows how to put her own stamp on every outfit. 

Constantly dripping in turquoise and layered in vintage suede and lace, this goddess (and mother-of three!) radiates magnificence on a daily basis and we can't get enough of it.

We caught up with Sarah recently, and hope you'll enjoy having a sneak peek into her wild bohemian world as much as we did.

What year from any bygone era would you call the most 'you'? Why do you resonate with that year?

I am definitely a '70s child style wise. Love jumpsuits, a bit of lurex sparkle, Ted Lapidus sunnies and high waisted denim. I was born in '79 so maybe a tiny bit of my birth decade rubbed off on me. 

Can you describe the magic that vintage pieces hold?

I am addicted to the energy of old things. Old houses, old clothes, old photos, furnishings ... I think I get wrapped up in the romantic notion of all the lives the item has touched before. I have this '60s hand made thick suede American flag jacket that I have spent hours wondering where it has been? Who lovingly and painstakingly made it? For what purpose? A motorbike ride across America? A festival? I adore the idea of things being hand made (in a time when very little is handmade any more) and treasured by people before me. I also love the idea of passing items along to those I love. I also love that in a time of mass produced clothing, vintage offers an individuality and items that's aren't just everywhere on everyone.

At what time in your life did you work out your style?

My style solidified as I got older and more aware of who I was. I've always liked being an individual. I've collected vintage turquoise forever and was fine to follow my own path with fashion.  For instance in '97 when everything was all minimal and black slip dresses, I wore a 1930s beaded ball gown to my high school prom. My style was more mish-mashed and trend aware in my early twenties. It wasn't until I really figured out who I was the I found my personal style. I always knew what I loved but as I got stronger as a woman, I got better at putting it all together. 

You always look dressed to take over the world. It's fabulous. What's your style mantra?

That is a compliment! Thank you. I. Guess my style mantra is "be yourself". I tend to dress over the top but I never really think about it or have "over the top" as an objective. I just chuck on whatever I feel like. I wear lots of jewellery because I feel naked without it. I've been sleeping in a stack of 4 cuffs, 3 rings and a necklace for about 6 months now and so they're always on. I love belts, vests, embroidery, prints, leather, texture so really it's no wonder that I end up fully adorned all the time (but barefoot and no make up 99% of the time). 

What do you look for in vintage clothing?

I just let the vintage speak to me. The best thing about vintage shopping is you never go in with an idea of what you're looking for, because you never know what's going to be there. You usually find something you had no idea you even wanted till you see it! If I'm shopping for vintage online it's to fill a hole in my wardrobe. For instance, I'll decide I need a Mexican wedding dress or a suede skirt and will look for that specifically. Even then though, I keep an open mind as often I'll find something different but better that what I thought I wanted! 

What are your favourite pieces in your wardrobe?

I don't have a single favourite item. My preferences are always changing. A few months ago, my Adini caftans were my favourites but some labels have copied the prints and that print is ubiquitous and I'm not loving them as much. I have a few '70s crazy macrame pieces that I adore at the moment. 

When you get out of bed, what dictates what you are going to wear that day?

When I get out of bed I dress purely according to mood and with speed! I'm always trying to feed, clothe - help poo! - and herd 3 little boys so I literally just chuck on whatever I feel like as I run out the door (barefoot with unbrushed hair and occasionally teeth - sorry). Me dressing is never for practicality - just driven by mood. More than once I'll realise I'm going to walk the Byron lighthouse wearing a dress or leather pants or something absurd.

Do you think dressing to suit your personality is important?

I think dressing to suit your personality is very important! You feel most confident in what suits your personality. As a mum, a lot of my (and all mum's lives) is taking care of others, so what I wear is one of the few things I do just for me. That self expression is a really critical part of my happiness. 

For the people out there who are trying to find their own style/jam in life, what advice do you have for them?

For people trying to find their own style, I'd say try to refrain from looking to outside inspo ... Magazines, how others dress, treats. Try and put the blinkers on for a while and only buy things that you stumble upon that YOU love and feel good in. Before you know it, you'll have your own thing going on. Of course others are good for inspo but I think that comes after you've found an authenticity of your own.

You live in a amazingly decked out bus. How did this come about and how has it changed the way you view the world?

I love my bus! Basically, We own a house in Byron but it's on a tiny block. I grew up on 100 acres, have never lived in a house with a TV, am super active and have 3 crazy active tornado boys who need to run free so when we found 10 acres on a dirt road in Goonengerry that we loved, we were stoked. We bought it but didn't sell out Byron place so knew we were just going to rough it for a while. There is a shed, drop toilet, and we bought a 15m gutted bus for $3k and made it the bedroom. We grow heaps of veggies and cook outside most nights. We will definitely build a house but aren't in any rush. Living like this hasn't really changed our perspective. It's more an embodiment of who we were all along but now we are lIving in a way that's more authentic to us. 

Tell us about your children's clothing venture you are heading into?

 I'm really excited to be starting a children's label. It's called 6 White Horses, is going into production now and is very vintage-inspired and non-basic wear. I feel that there are lots of good basics out there (leggings, tees) but not much good embellishment outside the realm of tutus and party dressed. I'm doing lots of embroidery, soutache, beading and vintage inspired prints, suede ... Basically, things I'd wear but for kids. I've watched how my boys love using clothes for self expression. Both in a dress up sense and as everyday wear. I never dress my boys (other than when they are babies and can't dress themselves). I let them wear whatever they want except in extreme occasions of weather inappropriateness. I've bought them some cool vintage pieces along the way, and they often gravitate to those. I want to make beautiful, different clothes that kids will want to wear and I want them made in a high quality so that they are not "disposable" like so many clothes are these days. I want them to be lived in hard and still have enough life in them to be passed along!