Psychedelic Paradise

Join us as we take a trip down the rabbit hole and into the psychedelic paradise that is Sugarland. We created a kaleidoscopic world filled with magic mushrooms, iridescent bubbles and rainbows. A scene that captures your imagination and teleports you back to our kind of 60s fantasy.  
Annalise wears the Jagger jumpsuit in wild thing
Susanna wears the Jagger jumpsuit in valentine
Annalise wears the Aster dress in valentine
Susanna wears the Austin skivvy in honeybee & Sonny flares in dark denim
Annalise wears the Sugarland tee & Sonny flares in light denim
Susanna wears the Maisie dress in honeybee
Susanna wears the Annabel blouse in jungle boogie
Annalise wears the Monaco skirt in jungle boogie
Susanna wears the Zeppelin flares in night fever
Annalise wears the Zingara dress in night fever
Susanna wears the Frida dress in night fever
Annalise wears the Anita dress (sneak peek)
Susanna wears the Olivia blouse (sneak peek)
Special thanks to our team
Beauty: Xenia Elise
Photographer: Troy Freyee
Styling: Hannah Darling
Assistant: Gemmah Irving