Making magic with Dream Moons ~ Annie Tarasova

From the moment we wandered into Annie Tarasova's little shack in the laid back, coastal town of Suffolk Park just south of Byron Bay — we knew we were in the presence of a real life angel. A true dreamer, whose captivating creativity was on display as soon as we walked through the gate of her backyard as she sat painting the most dreamy landscape we've ever seen, with a whimsical unicorn as her muse — something that she told us has inspired her since she was a young girl living in Moscow, Russia.
As the Founder and Creative Director of Dreamy Moons, Annie oozes wisdom and knowledge of the world, our natural surroundings and being one's true self beyond her 24 years, with a smile that lights up the room. Dreamy Moons is a collection of tools which cultivates mindfulness, connection, intention, and self love through affirmations, Moon artworks, astrology, journals and oracle guidance cards, all inspired by the Universe, celestial elements and her own imagination.
We were lucky enough to spend a truly magical morning with Annie in her natural element, as the sun drenched her creative space. Annie danced about like a little garden fairy, at ease in her surroundings and eager to share all her creative power  with us. As the full moon in Libra is upon us, we were so excited to shoot Annie in her favourite pieces from The Valley, and we hope you’re equally as inspired as us to foster a deeper connection with your own creativity and self by this beautiful and talented human!  
First and foremost, let’s start at the beginning. Tell us a little bit about you - who you are and where are you from?

I am a 24 year old independent artist on a mission to spread love and magic and inspire you to look deeper within yourself. I was born in Moscow, Russia, and moved to Adelaide, Australia at 11 years old. I was based in Adelaide for most of my life here in Australia until 9 months ago I moved to Byron Bay, somewhere I have always wanted to live. I have travelled quite a lot before the pandemic, and now I am enjoying slowing down and being in my routine of yoga, ocean swims, painting and creating.

What’s your Star Sign?

I am a Taurus Sun, Cancer Moon, Libra Rising.

What traits of your signs do you think align most true with you?

Tauruses are Earth signs, and that is the element I relate with the most. I love being barefoot, hiking, spending time in forests. Tauruses are known to be quite indulgent in earthly pleasures such as delicious food and good smelling scents and physical affection. And they looooove being comfortable - as much as I talk about getting out of your comfort zone, I secretly love a good routine. Having my Moon in Cancer reflects in my art - deep, emotional, intuitive. I can be quite sensitive and ‘in my shell’. Libra Rising is accurate in how people perceive me to be - balanced, understanding, with a sense of justice.

Annie wears the Dylan jumpsuit in moonrise 

You’re the Founder and Creator of Dreamy Moons, tell us about your journey and what inspired you? 

I have been creative since childhood, but after I finished high school I realised that I was too afraid of the competition in the art and design field. I went to study health science instead, which was fascinating but put me out of touch with my creative side completely. To gain my creativity back I decided to open an Etsy shop simply in hope that it would motivate me to paint and create more once I see that others like what I do. It was the best overnight decision I’ve ever made. I had no idea it would grow as much as it did, it was just something I wanted to create for fun. I named my shop DreamyMoons because back then, all I did was paint watercolour moons, and, well, they were dreamy. 

All of your work is just so magical, where do you look for inspiration when creating new products?

A lot of my inspiration comes from my mind and imagination. I am deeply inspired by nature and the Universe and the way this world works, and all the things we FEEL but can not see. The power of our minds. The magic beneath this 3D realm. Some of my inspiration comes from my vivid lucid dreams. I am deeply inspired by astrology, the cosmos and celestial elements - sun, moon, stars and constellations.

Annie wears the Mabel maxi dress in moonrise 

Where are you when you feel most creative and inspired?

In my little Byron fairy home, morning light on my skin, a cup of herbal tea beside me. I am most creative and inspired in the mornings. There is just so much magic and potential. 

On that note, what is your favourite product you have created to date? And talk us through the process of bringing it to fruition?

Picking my favourite creation is like picking a favourite child - its hard! Every single thing I’ve made, I connect so deeply with. But my A Journey Within Book has to be a special one. An idea of a guided journal that takes you on a metaphorical journey through your mind garden, heart cave and soul, randomly came into my mind like a gift from the Universe. It was an instant YES from me. When I get an idea, I do all I can to bring it to life as soon as possible. After hours, days, weeks and months painting, handwriting the text, scanning, editing, designing, preparing for print, the book was in my hands. It is always such a ‘wow’ moment, when I hold my ideas in my hands.

Annie wears the Mabel maxi dress in moonrise 

When did your journey to spirituality & mindfulness start? Were there sources that you looked up to that inspired this?

I would say it all began with my childhood spent in the Russian countryside. We didn’t have any technology or internet there, so I would spend my days in nature making magical potions out of rose petals and dirt, running around barefoot and creating my own little books for fun - writing imaginary stories and illustrating them. That special time in my life really allowed me to connect with nature and my imagination. I lost that part of myself when I moved to Australia and went to high school, but found it after school when I reconnected with my inner child and started putting all of my energy and time into doing things I loved doing as a child - creating, painting, nurturing my imagination. Art was a big part of my journey back to myself, as well as guided meditations, yoga, and books. I highly recommend reading Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz, The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, and The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer.

We want to know, do you find that you’re affected by moon cycles, and if so - in what ways and how do you work with the new moons?

I struggle falling asleep around Full Moons and have the weirdest chaotic dreams. I definitely feel that on New Moons I have more energy and a strong desire to start new projects and plan.

With the full moon in Libra upon us,  talk us through what you’re manifesting for the month ahead?

I am manifesting a healthy balance between work, socialising, and me-time. Manifesting energy, clarity, and inspiration.

And can you tell us, do you follow a specific full moon routine?

I love using the energy of a full moon to let go. I am blessed with a group of powerful like-minded women. Me and my girlfriends like to get together during full moons, journal, reflect, and write out ‘letting go’ lists to then safely burn them.

We saw that you’re releasing something new into the range, can you give us a little indication of what it might be?

I recently released a Dream Journal and a Gratitude Journal which have been flying off the shelves. In 3 weeks I will be releasing my third card deck, called ‘Soul Whispers’. Soul Whispers is a 33 card deck with simple messages from our Higher Selves that help us expand our consciousness and rise into the powerful, loving, free version of ourselves. Gentle reminders of love, compassion, gratitude, and magic, to help us grow our self awareness and look within.

Okay three quick fire questions - go!
Something that people might not know about you?  

English is my second language.

The most magical place you have ever been in your travels?

Kauai, Hawaii.

What are you wearing where you feel most like Annie?

A light summery dress.


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