Bazaar Babes ~ Psych Sisters

Welcome to the psychedelic world of Emma and Grace! Style Queens and twin sisters that aren’t afraid to dream big and show the world their colourful hearts. This divine duo was definitely born in the wrong era! Find out what gets this creative pair's imagination running as we get to know all about The Psych Sisters!

Tell us a little about yourselves - who you are, where you're from and what sets your souls on fire?

Well… who we are is a big question! Haha 

We are just a couple of oddballs searching for our next bit of rainbow. We’re from the hill country of Texas and would never change that for the world. Surrounded by rivers and wide open spaces, instilled in us a deep love for nature and being outside. 

Our souls are set on fire by dreaming. We are always dreaming, whether it be about our next outfits or our next project. Or even about our dream home! We never tell ourselves that any dreams are too big.

You're vintage loving twin sisters. Can you tell us what it was like growing up with a twin and when did you fall in love with all things vintage?

Growing up with a twin is a very interesting experience. You have to go through a lot of comparing. Who got the better grade on that test? Or who made the “A” team in basketball? Or who got asked to a dance by a boy and who didn’t. We had to figure out how to be okay with the world always comparing us while also learning how to stop comparing ourselves to each other. Because as a twin everyone expects you to be the same. So when you’re not, the differences are always pointed out to you. It can really get into your head after awhile!

But on the other hand, growing up as a twin meant we always had a friend to play with and had someone who understood you to the very smallest thing. The bond between twins is something only a twin would understand. People always ask, can you tell what the other is thinking? And the answer is yes! We can always tell the mood of the other and we say the same things all the time haha!

We always loved fashion growing up and would create looks at very young ages. I think doing dance and theatre allowed us to start expressing ourselves with costumes and then eventually it trickled into our actual lives! We bought our first vintage items at 12 years old in an antique store in our home town. And we’ve been hooked ever since!

How would you describe your personal style and being twins, would you say you have similar tastes or are there some differences?

We would describe our personal style as being rainbow clowns with a dash of '70s rock 'n' roll. We tend to lean towards 'nerdy' looks such as sweater vests with ties but it’s always done in bright colours and prints! Of course we have our moments where we want to be a little darling and we’ll wear mini dresses and gogo boots or bell bottoms and crop tops! You can almost guarantee if it’s vintage we’ve probably worn it at least once haha! We have a love and appreciation for almost all eras of fashion! 

Being twins we’ve gone through some phases where we were totally different and now we are more similar. In high school Grace was super edgy and gothic while Emma was super bohemian and hippy.

You both have such a creative flare with your styling, what inspires you and how else do you express yourselves creatively? 

We take inspiration from anything and everything! From high fashion runway shows, to old tv shows, to other style blogs on Instagram! Seeing other people express themselves unapologetically is a huge inspiration to us and always pushes us to style more and more! 

We’re glad you asked that question about our other forms of creative expression because although fashion is our favourite way to express ourselves it’s definitely not the only way! 

We love reading and writing and have actually been working on an idea for our own fiction novel! That one could be years away but it’s fun to think about! Imagination has always been our strong suit and even as we’ve gotten older we haven’t lost that childlike ability to play imagination! 

Our imagination extends into things like videography and painting. We even love marionettes and puppetry! We both love fibre art and making things with our hands! Sewing and designing are always on our minds as well.

What is your favourite vintage piece of clothing in your wardrobes?

How are we supposed to answer this haha?! That’s a hard question! We love so much! 

But if we had to pick it would probably be our 60s Pan-T boots! We have two pairs currently but collect them. They are such a rare and odd piece that we can’t help but be obsessed with them! If we didn’t pick those it would be our tie collection. We love ties and think they are such an underrated accessory! 

Who are your favourite style icons? And which fashion era would you like to be teleported back to?

We love Jan and Marcia from the Brady bunch. Their fashion is so adorable and definitely inspires our looks! 

@besta_hesta and @D.c.ceja on Instagram are two of our modern day style icons. They both aren’t afraid to wear colours and patterns and we love that about them! There’s so many more but it’s hard to name them all!

Your outfits are truly inspiring, where are your favourite places to shop for vintage and retro clothing?

When it comes to shopping we will literally find it anywhere we go!! We always go to every vintage and thrift shop we can find wherever we are! 

Luckily we grew up not too far from Austin so there were a ton of amazing ones for us to go to! Prototype Vintage, Roomservice Vintage, and Blue Velvet are a few of our favourites! 

Of course there’s online as well and we are total online shopping addicts! We love shopping on eBay because if you look enough you can sometimes get really good deals! 

But of course Instagram is also great for shopping and a few of our favourite online vintage shops are: 




You also sell vintage clothing! Where do you source your treasures from and where can we shop your goods?

Sourcing is a whole other animal when it comes to vintage! Any other sellers know that it takes a massive amount of dedication and perseverance to find good sources for things! We go to thrift stores all the time but it’s hard to come across anything older than the '80s. We might find three '70s items after a whole day of thrifting! 

Our personal favourite way to source is going to estate sales. Not only can you find awesome clothing, you can also find super cute decor! Which is another huge passion of ours. We love finding decor and have thought about eventually selling that too! 

Currently you can only shop our items on Instagram during our story sales.

Tell us what your favourite record, book and films are?

Ahhh another insanely hard question! Because all of these really depend on your mood! 

One of our favourite records of all time is 'Gypsy- by Gypsy (1970)'! Also 'Music Emporium' (1969) is another favourite! 

One of our favourite books of all time is 'The valley of Amazement' by Amy Tan. It is an absolutely stunning novel that leads you through time, painting a picture of love, loss and healing. It’s an incredible book and we highly recommend any of her books! 

One of our favourite films of all time is 'Harold and Maude', if you haven’t seen it make sure you watch it ASAP! It’s such a quirky and cute movie! 

What's up next for the Psych Sisters?

Ahh there’s so much in the works for the future of Psych Sisters! One being putting out our own designs and launching our own clothing brand. Sometimes things feel out of reach but looking at brands like y'all (Nine Lives Bazaar) gives us hope that it’s possible for us too!

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