Our soundtrack to summer!

Summer is upon us and we can feel it in the air!

But was even is the greatest season without a soundtrack to see you through it?

Here's our top 5 recent discoveries that will help bring all the feels for your festive season.

1. Lord Echo - Thinking of You

Our good friend, part time actor and full time music nerd, Mitch, introduced us to Lord Echo a few months back and I can honestly say this album has been well and truly flogged since. It's a whole new genre of music and suits every playlist from morning melodies, to afternoon delights, and dancefloor grooves.

2. Sonny & The Sunsets - Pretend You Love Me

Hello nostalgia! I've listened to this song on repeat that many times this week it's almost embarrassing. Almost. Bittersweet for its melancholy, but beautiful for its melodic journey, its floaty, glittery, and very addictive.

3. Sure is Nice - Natural Child

Anybody else love turning up the volume to max and having a solo boogie in their car? This song makes we want to wind down my window, imagine I'm driving a convertible (haha) and let the breeze flow through my hair. JJ Cale vibes all the way and I love it. 

 4. Traffic - Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring

Any oldie but holy god damn it's a goodie! A recent discovery, Traffic have such a huge catalogue (I mainly know this because of the vast amount of their vinyls my dad collected). This one needs to be listened to loud to fully understand the grooves.

 5. Kevin Morby - Beautiful Strangers

Last but not least, prepare to wear out the repeat button on this one. Not so new but still so very incredible, thank you Corka for bringing this beauty to our attention almost a year ago. Enjoy.