Mumma moment : Marlie from Shop Hazelnut

With both Rose and Ness, the owners of NLB, being pregnant, there is lots of baby love in the air around here. So in the lead up to Mother’s Day we thought we would put the spotlight on some of our favourite local mummas. Three inspiring women, all unique and different in their own way. We asked them to share their thoughts on motherhood and some of the highlights along their journeys so far.

Our first Mum, Marlie, is the creator of the dreamy vintage label Shop Hazelnut. She captures the 60's and 70's so perfectly, with prints that make you feel nostalgic for summer days past. I ventured down the coast to meet this sunshine family and visited their blue beach cottage. 

Tell us a little about you and your family?

My name is Marlie, I have a 5 year old daughter Paisley and 3 year old son Forest and my partner Fraser. We live in a blue shack among the farms and moments from the beach in northern New South Wales. 

Do you remember how you felt those first few moments after becoming a mum?

Yes, so vividly and barely a day goes by where I don’t reminisce about those first moments. Paisley’s birth was very long and I had a very, very strong intuition about who she would be so when she was born it was the feeling of “I knew it was you all along”. Totally bliss! Forest’s birth was very quick and easy and I had absolutely no idea on who this little baby I was growing would be, so the first few moments with Forest were filled with shock and surprise. We didn’t find out the sex either pregnancy so having a son was so new to me. Both such totally different experiences but both the most amazing moments of my life.

What are your children’s names? And is there a story behind the meanings?

With my daughter Paisley Hazel one day at work while I was around 30 something weeks pregnant, I got a message from Fraser saying how about the name Paisley. I totally dismissed it and thought it was way too crazy and I really preferred old fashioned names. But, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it so when she was born, we didn’t really question it, we both just kind of looked at each other and said 'yep she’s Paisley'. When she was only a day or two old I had the most vivid dream that we were getting family visits and I was telling everyone her name is Paisley Hazel, I woke up and totally loved it and it stuck. My son Forest Everly, I first thought of when I was listening to the song Forrest Gump by Frank Ocean and he’s singing “it’s for you Forrest, it’s you, it’s you Forrest”. I looked it up in a name book and read the name Forest means 'man with close bond to nature' and fell in love with it.

What is one lesson you have learnt from motherhood?

Probably the biggest lessons and something that is still changing is the responsibility of being a Mum.  When they are babies, it’s more about keeping them fed and comfortable. Now it’s getting serious, I need to teach these little humans to be great people, to be caring, kind, nurture their passion, answer the 101 questions as truthfully and accurate as possible, feed their constant hunger and make sure they are having an amazing childhood. It’s day in day out for the rest of my life. It’s full on but it’s flipping amazing and so much fun!

What is the perfect family day for you? And do you have any favourite bonding activities?

The ocean! It’s our happy place. We could happily spend every single day at the beach and never get sick of it. We are also suckers for good food and have been taking the kiddies out to restaurants regularly since they were babies.

Did your mother influence your parenting style? And was there any advice she gave you that has stuck throughout the years?

She would have never let the house get as messy as I do and she was a lot more organised. She told us she loved us and that we were wonderful and amazing and incredible every single day and I grew up with such confidence. Now I tell my children the same thing every single day too. I hope they know they are loved like I did.

Was there anything you wish someone had told you before giving birth?

I can honestly say nothing anyone could tell you can really prepare you.

What advice would you give future mums-to-be?

Go with the flow, do what makes you and baby happy. Follow your intuition, not the baby books and find a good group of Mummas that share similar values and see them regularly they will keep you sane.

What has been the biggest highlight of your motherhood journey so far?

So many special moments, seeing their faces for the first time, the first breastfeed, seeing them really love the ocean for the first time. The biggest highlight of all would have to be the moment Paisley and Forest met for the first time.

What would you say your motherhood mantra is?

Probably something like “just winging it” ha! I’m a totally unorganised mother and we’ve literally never had a routine. They sleep in bed with us every night and we have no bed times or nap schedule, sounds crazy but we are happy and don’t stress that stuff.

What is one thing you hope the future holds for your bubs?

Over everything I just really hope they are happy, healthy and doing what they love. I also hope we are best friends forever and ever!

Besides being a mum what else ignites excitement and passion for you?

Creating! I just love fashion, clothes, fabrics and beautiful images, it all excites me so much and I love seeing my ideas and designs coming to life and being worn by these delicious little kiddies and beautiful Mummas.

You’re the owner and creator of the dreamy vintage label shop Hazelnut. Tell us a little bit about your brand? 

Shop Hazelnut is all handmade at home by myself, my kiddies are by my side, scribbling on the pattern paper and most things are cut out on my kitchen floor. I use all vintage fabrics and take total inspiration from my daughter Paisley Hazel.

When did you first learn to sew and was it something you always wanted to turn into a business?

I was probably about 13 or so when I got my first sewing machine and I just loved to sew, I just kept practicing and learning from my mistakes.  I asked my Nana for help and she also taught me how to trace patterns. In high school I did sewing as an elective and made sure I learnt as much technique as possible.

The fabrics you use are what our vintage dreams are made of and are all dripping with sunshine. Where do you find these treasures?

I’m an op shop addict, barely a week goes by where I don’t pop into the op shops at least twice, and these days there are so many vintage fabric pages on Facebook, I’m spoilt for choice!

What does Mother’s day mean to you? And what will you be getting up to this Mother’s day?

I’m not big on celebrating this kind of stuff, it is nice to show a little extra loving on a day like this, but nothing fancy, maybe just a trip to the local coffee shop,  with my baby Daddy and day at the beach will do me just fine.

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