The Process ~ Lucy Hinde for Lucid Dream

From pen, to print, to production. All our prints start with pen to paper, and what makes our incredibly intricate, custom prints so beautiful and unique, is the fact that they're hand-drawn. Plucking inspiration from everywhere - from nature, to unearthed treasures and materials from bygone eras & beyond, each collection print is truly something special.

Each collection tells a new story -- holding a personality of its very own, to form an intrinsic extension of yours. So much love, creativity, passion and time goes into crafting the illustrations, bringing to life the colour palette for each colour way (a labour of love!), scaling the print for placement on each garment and so much more - this process makes each and every single piece within the collection as magical as the next. 

We conceptualised and commissioned the incredibly talented Australian textile designer Lucy Hinde to bring our Lucid Dream vision to life. Drawing on inspiration from vintage kimono fabrics mixed with the classic retro ‘70s floral vibe that we love with a kind of dream-like float about the florals, melded with a nod to art nouveau and vintage art deco tiles. This dreamscape inspired print is brought to life so beautifully on our LENZING TENCEL fabrication, a luxurious and sustainable fabrication made from responsibly sourced wood pulp -- a proud step in the right direction for our product process. 

We sat down with Lucy Hinde to go behind the scenes of our print process, and how Lucid Dream came to life! 
Tell us a little bit about yourself - who you are, where are you from and what sets your soul on fire?

I’m Lucy, I grew up on a property just outside Goulburn NSW, I spent a lot of my childhood outdoors, roaming paddocks, exploring the countryside and I am grateful to my parents for giving me such a free and idyllic childhood! I love being outside and being active, swimming, bushwalking or playing soccer. I’m music obsessed --  so I’m  very happy to be at home listening to all my favourite albums while getting stuck into a hobby like gardening, dyeing textiles or fixing up old furniture! 

You’ve been working with us on our upcoming collection, Lucid dream. Can you tell us about the role you played? 

I was commissioned to design the artwork for Lucid Dream print which was so much fun! 

Can you tell us a little about the process when working with Rose and Ness and how you then bring their concept to life?

Rose and Ness are lovely clients to work with, they have very unique and specific ideas and I find it really easy working with them. The girls will send through their ideas with lots of visual references. I then like to research motifs and the specific flowers that they’re wanting to bring to life  and start sketching up ideas and planning how it’s all going to come together in print form. 

What was the inspiration behind the Lucid dream print?

The floral pattern was inspired by Vintage kimono fabrics mixed with that classic retro 70’s floral vibe that Nine Lives Bazaar is iconic for. The motifs needed to have a dreamy feel to them and then the border took inspiration from art nouveau and vintage art deco tiles. Bringing together a kind of art deco dream that the collection is all about! 

 What’s your must have piece from the new collection?

I love the Grace Midi dress in Black Magic! I love how the print is placed on the dress and the style and cut of the dress is so versatile.

You’ve worked on some collections with us in the past, what would be your favourite so far?

I think it would be this one!!!! I feel super proud to have been involved in such an epic print! I’m in awe of the magic the girls have created with all the different colour palettes  and clever placements of the print on the garments. Seeing the print come to life from sketches drawn by my hand, to seeing the final print design placed on garments and in beautiful campaigns is truly amazing! 

How would you describe your personal style?

Pretty and strange with a hint of retro. 

Have you always had a creative flare? And where do you draw inspiration from?

Yes definitely, as a kid I spent a lot of time drawing and reading and creating imaginary worlds, dressing my barbies obsessively and re-ordering antique stores like they were my own interior spaces! At school I  was lucky to have a very supportive art teacher and also an amazing metal works teacher who both encouraged me to pursue a career in art and design. As soon as I moved to the city though, I found my creativity exploded. Suddenly being surrounded and inspired by so many different kinds of people really helped me figure out who I was and where I wanted to be. Inspiration can come from so many places but I do find myself always being drawn to the natural world. I can't get enough of the Botanical Gardens in Sydney, especially in spring when all the flowers are blooming and are super fragrant. I also adore old botanical illustrations so I can get lost in antique books stores, reading dusty old herbal medicine books and even playing around with making my own potions.  

Can you tell us about your journey into becoming a textile artist? And what’s your favourite part about your job?

Sure, I studied a Bachelor of Design at the College of Fine Arts in Sydney majoring in Textiles and Jewellery. In my last year of study, I discovered a boutique textile studio in Sydney and so I applied to be their intern. I was lucky enough to be offered a placement which soon turned into a full time Job and from there, my career flourished. I love researching and finding inspiration for prints, I can get lost in articles and books - so I have endless ideas for prints! I also find drawing and painting very relaxing, so I feel fortunate to have a job where I can get into the zone and find a flow and just slow my mind down while doing what I love.  

What has been your most exciting, pinch me moment in your career so far?

Seeing a print I designed worn by Solange in one of her film clips! 

What's the next creative project you're going to dig your hands into?

I am a bit of a chair hoarder haha, I love collecting old chairs and fixing them up, so I did an upholstery course to learn how to replace all the textiles. It has now inspired me to design my own range of interior focused fabrics which I am launching  this month under the name Dandelou.