Sunshine Places: Across The Globe

We’re forever daydreaming of our next vacay! We’ve collated the ultimate list of dreamscapes, our sunshine places, from all across the globe that are on our bucket list! From the desert to the coast, take a trip in true NLB style with these incredible stays and experiences. Let us satisfy your wanderlust, without the plane ticket! 


We don’t think we’ve ever seen anything more aesthetically pleasing than Casa Cuixmala. This private oasis is nestled along the pristine blue coastline of Mexico and truly is in a league of its own when it comes to luxury accommodation. Boasting stunning terracotta architecture with statement curves and arches, vibrantly-hued luxe bohemian decor and furnishings and the most dreamy infinity pool that sits just back from the beach, this eco-resort really is luxury at its very finest. 

Four words. Get. Us. There. Now!


Nestled amongst the cliff faces of Lombok, Indonesia, Makelele Dome Villas look like something plucked from another planet! Sitting atop soaring palm trees and  a sea of azure blue water, pristine views of volcanoes, dali-inspired architecture and a statement infinity pool, it’s no wonder this luxury accommodation has been coined the “Santorini Of Indonesia” Away from the chaos of the mainland of Bali, this quiet, luxurious oasis is our kind of hotel paradiso!


When every corner is pure heaven, you know you’ve found something truly special. Nestled in the countryside of Puglia, Italy, this rustic-chic, luxury retreat is truly magical. A hidden gem between the plain of ancient olive trees with panning lush green acreage as far as the eye can see with perfectly curated eclectic interiors, this private oasis with Spanish- inspired stone architecture is simply breathtaking. The photos really do speak for themselves. We’re checking in, ASAP!


We couldn't not put this kaleidoscope of colour into the mix! A renovated retro motel, turned rainbow hotel with sky-high palm trees lining the horizon, what more could you want? This aesthetically pleasing hotel provides all the photo ops. We can just see ourselves there now for Coachella weekend, cocktail in hand, living our very best life. A truly vibrant-hued paradise!