Standing on Stardust

For the lovers of locomotion, come with us on a disco jive journey behind the velvet rope and shimmy your way into Studio 54 nostalgia with our boldest collection yet - Land of the Sun. 
We wanted to evoke that sense of leaving all inhibitions at the door and stepping into a room coated in glitter, hazy smoke abound with kaleidoscopic lights and glistening disco balls hanging from above. Be teleported to the rollicking disco nights of the 70's - the most effervescent of times, where fiercely bold clothing and unapologetic expression was at its height. Put your disco shoes on - the dance floor is calling! 
Narah wears the Cleopatra jumpsuit in champagne
Narah wears the Jupiter dress in romance 
Narah wears the Palazzo pant in sunrise
Narah wears the Drifter jumpsuit in romance
Narah wears the Zeppelin flares in midnight 
Narah wears the Empire dress in emerald
Narah wears the Palazzo pant in emerald 
Narah wears the Sundance dress in royale