On the road

"Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.”
-  Jack Kerouac
We set off late afternoon in Lady Di, a 1976 chocolate brown wagon. We headed inland, down long winding roads to the golden fields of sugar cane. Hit the road with us as we style up our Soulshine and Rhapsody collections. 
Sarsha wears the Kylie shorts and headscarf in african sky
Em wears the Willow robe in african sky and the Hendrix flares
Sarsha wears the Honey dress in golden palm
Em wears the Gloria jumpsuit in desire
Wandering Folk x NLB Soulshine rugs and cushions
Sarsha wears the Mojo mini skirt in golden palm
Em wears the Mojo mini skirt in desire
Sarsha wears the Scarlette top in ocean
Em wears the Evie skirt and scrunchie in ocean
Muse : Emily Hill
Photography & Styling: Kat Youngberry