Lucid Dream launch part at The Lake House

Teleport us back to our dreamscape soirée to celebrate our latest collection, Lucid Dream. Surrounded by so many inspiring women, we basked in the crisp Autumn air as we sat lakeside at one of our favourite locations in the Byron hinterlands. We sipped cocktails with the setting sun, shared a meal with kindred spirits, crafted a sacred smoke wand and looked into our future with a tarot reader. We wanted the afternoon to capture the magic of Lucid Dream. So raise a glass with us in celebration of our most mystical and dreamy collection yet! 
Special thanks to 
Event planning and styling: Hannah Darling
Location: The Lake House
Glitter: Glo Tatts
Smoke Wands: Sparrow and Fox
Tarot readers: Corina and Kat
Photography: Kat Youngberry