Hit the road

We hit the road with besties and muses, Sarsha and Sheridan! We ventured through the winding roads of the hinterland, fossicking through the antique stores and exploring the surrounding villages, dressed in our fave NLB styles (including a sneak peek of Electric Ladyland). Summer is on its way and the season for road trips is upon us! There's nothing like hitting the road with the windows down, listening to your favourite song and losing yourself in the adventure of the unknown. 

Sarsha wears the Orchid blouse
Sheridan wearthe Mia dress

Sarsha wears the Sky dress in eden
Sheridan wears the Poppy dress in eden 

Sarsha wears the Warhol mini dress
Sheridan wears the Lolita skirt

Sarsha wears the Moondance mini dress in salsa
Sheridan wears the Lady Love dress in salsa

Sarsha wears the Anita dress and Olivia blouse
Sheridan wears the Aurora jumpsuit 


Muse: Sarsha Marsden

Muse: Sheridan Knutsen

Photography: Kat Youngberry

Styling: Jess Cale