Heartbreak Hotel

Welcome to the Heartbreak Hotel! Feeling inspired by the retro motels along the coast, we took our muses to one with a pretty iconic Vegas sign. Think Las Vegas circa 1969 as we channel the psychedelic 60s mixed with a western desert flare for our latest Sugarland photoshoot.
Cami wears the Jagger jumpsuit in valentine
Isabel wears the Aster dress in valentine
Isabel wears the Jagger jumpsuit in wild thing
Cami wears the Zingara dress in night fever
Cami wears the Austin skivvy in honeybee
Isabel wears the Frida dress in night fever
Cami wears the Sonny flares in light denim
Isabel wears the Maisie dress in honeybee
Isabel & Cami wear the Monaco skirt in jungle boogie
Cami wears the Annabel blouse in jungle boogie
Muse: Isabel Laver
Beauty: Xenia Elise
Photography: Kat Youngberry
Cowgirl hats & boots: Strange Days Store