Get acquainted with Mary Quant

"Fashion is not frivolous. It is part of being alive today."
Mary Quant was a self taught designer and a true fashion trailblazer. She lead the way in the mod and youth fashion movement of the 60s. 
She opened her first store in London called 'Bazaar.' Here she sold clothes and accessories, and even had a basement restaurant. Bazaar became a meeting point in the London scene for the youth and artists. Mary would always have colourful and eccentric window displays for the people passing by.

Mary Quant was known for dressing the style icons of the 60s, including Twiggy and Patti Boyd. Her fashion catered to young women’s new sense of freedom and inspired them to rebel against traditional clothing and have fun! Mary captured the Swinging Sixties.

Mary Quant was known for inventing the mini skirt and hot pants. She made a statement when baring legs was considered outrageous. So we thank Mary for leading the way that allowed us to bring you our Kylie shorts and Mojo mini skirts.