Festival Muses Bronte & Kirra

Festival season is here and we're still buzzing from this years Bluesfest Byron Bay. We had our two favourite muses - Bronte and Kirra on the ground with us this year for some festival fun. The girls styled up their favourite pieces from Nostalgia and really embodied the festival spirit. We take a minute to chat to Bronte and Kirra for all their festival gossip. 

What was your highlight at Bluesfest 2022?

Bronte: Ohhh definitely seeing Crowded House!

Kirra: Oh my god! I have the blues from the blues haha. My highlight would be just feeling free again! To feel the music and dancing until I couldn’t dance any more.

What are your top festival tips?

Bronte: Gum boots, if raining (rain jacket), hand-sanitiser, comfy shoes!

Kirra: Always bring water! The lines were crazy long this time!

How would you describe your festival style?

Bronte: I definitely think my festival style is based on 70's fashion. I absolutely love Stevie Nicks style!

Kirra: I wouldn’t really say I have a festival style as I dress like that most days haha. But I always dress how I feel in morning. Which most of the time is a mermaid. Lots of colours, lots of movement and feeling free.

What do you love most about your Siesta pants?

Bronte: I love that they're super comfortable, soft, fit really well and they're just so fun!

What do you love most about your Empire dress?

Kirra: I feel like this dress was made for me! The fabric is to die for! I literally feel like a mermaid swimming in the ocean. It’s so soft.

What would your dream festival lineup be?

Bronte: Erykah Badu, Neil Young, John Mayer, BB King, Teskey Brothers, Etta Jones, Marcy Gray, Amy Whinehouse, Jack Johnson!

Kirra: This is a hard one. This years line was a pretty good though! I would have to say all the old classics - Fleetwood Mac, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Clash, INXS, Hoodoo Gurus... I don’t think I could name them all!

What’s your go-to bevvy?

Bronte: Margarittttaaaaaa

Kirra: I am definitely a margi girl!

Bronte wears the Clementine blouse & Siesta pants, Kirra wears the Empire dress


Muse: Bronte Cooper

Muse: Kirra Calleja

Photography: Kat Youngberry