Fashion Week with Anita Ghise

The Australian fashion scene took centre stage at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week in Sydney a few weeks back. We watched from afar (in awe) as some of our fave muses rocked our new collection, Kaleidoscope Eyes.

In this blog, we catch up with our favourite style icon, Anita Ghise to find out the hottest trends and fashion moments from AAFW this year.

Tell us about your NLB look for fashion week?

I chose the Kaleidoscope Eyes suit as it is my favourite NLB outfit ever! I'm just a bit obsessed with the kaleidoscope print and the fit of it. It's also the last collection I worked on with the girls as a dressmaker and I've been patiently waiting for it to be released. I love the NLB take on a classic suit!

What are your top 3 styling tips?

1. Be yourself
2. Feel great in your outfit
3. Don't worry what others might think - even if that means you're wearing a sparkly suit to get your morning coffee in a sleepy beach town!

Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?

I love women with unique style. I've always loved Kate Moss's style, Cher is of course a great inspiration too! I love Bianca Jagger's style as well! 

What was your fashion week highlight?

My personal highlight was the show of Dyspnea - and I'm a bit obsessed with the show of Lordanes Spyridon Gogos which I didn't attend, but I wish I did!

As well as the Indigenous Fashion Show at the end... What a magical show!

What were your favourite fashion week trends?

Lots of colour! And I loved the collaborations of brands with artists - such as Lordanes Spyridon Gogos with artist Jenny Kee or Romance was Born with artist Ken Done.

I love the artistic aspect of fashion and garment making and I'm happy to see that these young and amazing creative designer collabs are finally getting attention from the fashion world.

On the other hand I am happy to see exciting trends towards a more sustainable approach - Future from Waste Lab and the collaborations between KITX and also Romance was Born are amazing.

Muse: Anita Ghise

Anita wears the Elton blazer & Ringo pants in Domino