DIY with the Bazaar - How to make your own Lucid Dream perfume oil

Lucid Dream. The name behind our collection, is a dreamstate that we can all experience. A 'Lucid Dream' is where the dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming. Within this state of REM sleep, we can gain control over the narrative of our dream -- allowing us interact with our unconscious, facilitating more creativity, more imagination and manifestations. We asked our favourite magic makers from Sparrow & Fox, to create us a mystical perfume elixir to promote lucid dreaming. We crafted our own in a bespoke workshop that we did with our team to celebrate the launch of Lucid Dream and we wanted to share it with you!

Anoint your body with this oil just before you enter the dreamtime to induce a lucid dream state where you can tap into your power, enhance your creativity and take charge of your dreams. Each oil has been selected for its plant magic. It's the perfect perfume blend to match with your new favourite collection pieces. Get your DIY on! 
Rosewood 7 drops
Lavender 5 drops
Sandalwood 7 drops
patchouli 7 drops
Juniper berry 5 drops
Fractionated coconut oil 
You will need:
 Essential oil roller bottle
Amethyst crystal chips for some extra magic 
Lavender- The oil of calm communication, peace, serenity, expression, honesty, transformation, comfort, rest. One of the most calming oils, it decreases anxiety but increases mental activity, the perfect combination for lucid dreaming. It also promotes sleep. 
Juniper berry- The oil of the night, protection, shadow work, lessons, transitions, detox, change. It protects us from nightmares and promotes spiritual healing through dreams.
Sandalwood- The oil of the sacred divine, spiritual clarity, meditation, surrender, faith, higher consciousness. Sandalwood is used to reach a meditative state and helps quiet the mind. As well as lucid dreams it can also promote astral travel.
Patchouli- The oil of physicality, confidence, grounding, being present, connection and acceptance. Patchouli eases nervousness and worry.
Rosewood- The oil of magnificence, knowing your worth, intuition, strong sense of self, connection with divine. Rosewood promotes feelings of joy and is commonly used to ignite our own divine spark. It's used for spiritual work.
Recipe: Sparrow and Fox