DIY Moonflower perfume oil and bath soak

To coincide with our Moonflower garden party celebration, we asked our favourite magic makers from Sparrow & Fox, to create us a mystical perfume elixir and bath soak using the elements of florals and the moon. We crafted these creations in a bespoke workshop with our team, and we wanted to share the recipes with you! Why not get the girls together for a crafternoon session and make your own. Don't forget to share and tag us so that we can see your creations!

Moonflower Bath Soak
An indulgent bath soak infused with magical elements from the earth to promote healing, self love and harmony.



Epsom Salts- healing, relaxation, recovery
Rose Geranium Oil- love, trust, emotional healing, forgiveness, self acceptance, femininity
Silver Mica- calming, enlightens the mind, illumination, intuition
We invite you to intuitively add some flowers that you are drawn to

Start with an empty bowl. Add 2 cups of epsom salts to the bowl. Next add in 20 drops of your rose geranium essential oil to the salt and mix. Add 1 teaspoon of mica to the bowl and mix. To finish off your soak add in some flowers. We used a mixture of rose, calendula, lavender. Mix through all the ingredients. Now you can add the mixture to a mason jar or any recycled jar you may have at home.

Moonflower Perfume Oil

A perfume made of lunar and floral oils to help us harness the magic of the moon and awaken the lunar goddess within. An oil to invoke the soft feminine spirit of a flower and encourage us to bloom. 


Jasmine Oil- blessings, spirituality, pure intentions, trust, joy, dreams, ruled by the moon
Juniper Berry Oil- the night, shadow work, transformation, protection
Sandalwood- sacred divine, spiritual clarity, surrender, higher consciousness, ruled by the moon
Lavender Oil- calm communication, peace, serenity, transformation, honesty, happiness, love
Moonstone Crystal Chips- feminine energy, new beginnings, cycles, intuition, moon magic
Jasmine Flower Buds- love, dreams, luck, abundance
Fractionated Coconut Oil

Start with an empty roller bottle. Add a sprinkle of jasmine flower buds and moonstone crystal chips to the roller. Next add in your essential oils. Add 1 drop of jasmine, 4 drops of juniper berry, 4 drops of sandalwood, 5 drops of lavender. To finish, fill the roller with fractionated coconut oil.

 Recipe: Sparrow & Fox