DIY with us | Hand-dyeing our Venice Gown

Welcome, fellow brides-to-be and creative souls! Ready to get your DIY on? We’re forever inspired by the incredible styling that is displayed in our exclusive Facebook Group Bazaar Babes! Fellow Bazaar Babe Katja recently shared that she snagged one of the last of the dreamy Venice Gown in our Mid Year Sale, and said she was going to try dyeing the garment! 

With the help of our favourite DIY expert and Customer Service Queen Jess, we're taking you through how to dye this stunning gown and make it truly unique. Get ready to unleash your creativity and we’re excited to see what you create too! Step 1: 

Gather your materials.We decided to use the Venice Gown as its flowing silhouette and intricate lace detailing make it an excellent canvas for dyeing but you could opt for something else and replicate these steps. Use a fabric dye or even a tie dye kit that suits your vision - we’re obsessed with lilac at the moment, so we decided to use purple dye! 
Step 2:

Use a large plastic tub (we used a laundry basket!) and fill with cold water. You’ll need to ensure it's big enough to fully submerge the gown. Grab some rubber gloves and something to swirl the gown with. 

Step 3:
Follow the instructions of your dye packet and ensure the dye is evenly mixed and there are no clumps. Jess suggests doing a small patch test on a similar fabric or a hidden area of the gown to ensure you achieve the desired colour. 
Step 4:

Gently submerge your garment into the dye, ensuring it's fully immersed. Use the stirring stick to agitate the water and garment gently. We left the dress in the dye bath overnight and rinsed it thoroughly with clean, warm water until the water ran clear the next morning. 

Step 5
And voilá! We were SO happy with how the colour came out, with the cotton underlay turning a beautiful light pink colour, with the lace overlay coming up as a dream lilac colour. The perfect tones for a bridesmaid dress, or you could style it up for another special event! Get creative and send us what you create.