DIY Christmas Wreath

We are feeling the buzz of the Christmas spirit here at NLB HQ and to celebrate the beginning of this festive season we gathered for a crafternoon session and made our very own Christmas wreaths. 

We wanted to recycle some of our NLB fabric offcuts in a fun and creative way so we decided to make a rag wreath. If you're making one of these at home you can use any type of old fabric- it's a great way to repurpose something that you no longer use! 

For an extra special touch we added some dried flowers and leaves. It's a fun excuse to go and explore and forage through your garden!

We just loved seeing how everyone's wreath turned out! They were all so unique and expressed the makers personality so perfectly. So gather up your girlfriends and host a Christmas craft session- it's good for the soul!

Wire hoop - you can find these at craft shops and discount stores
Recycled fabric - we used old fabric offcuts
Dried flowers and leaves
Florist wire or tape


How to:

1. Assemble your supplies and find yourself a nice clear working space
2. Cut your recycled fabric into ribbons that are roughly 12cm in length
3. To attach the fabric to the hoop simply tie the ribbon in a knot
4. To secure your dried flowers and leaves to the hoop use the florist wire or tape and wrap it
5. Get creative with your ribbon and floral placement
6. Use the twine to create a hook
7. Hang on your door and spread the Christmas spirit

Get creative this festive season and make you own wreath. Don't forget to tag us so that we can see all your creations!