Club Tropicana with Chelsea Crawford

Discover London through the lens of our ultimate muse, Chelsea. Get the insider knowledge on her travel must-sees and holiday outfit must-haves.

Tell us a little about yourself - who you are, where you’re from and what sets your soul on fire?

Hi! I’m Chels! Born in Aus but spent my early adult years living overseas modelling! I’m a Sagittarius, so as you can imagine - new experiences set my soul on fire!

Chelsea wearing the Bahamas Tunic

You recently traveled to London, tell us about this experience?

One thing I will say is there is no greater feeling than having your little toes touch the floor of a plane after being stuck in your home country for two years (extra points when it's going international)!

As I'm sure you can imagine, I was just a tad excited to touch down in London town...

I spent my days eating (far too many) oysters, drinking coffee, wandering through vintage markets and lush green parks. Tough, I know right...



Top 3 essentials when packing for London?
  1. Sneakers or comfy shoes !!! Can not stress this enough, ya girl walked 85km in 8 days… eeeep!

  2. Cleanser!!! - The city may be beautiful but the air is diiiiirty, keep that skin clean and juicy!

  3. Air pods (duh) - because nothing makes you feel more like a main character than walking down the streets of London blaring “There she Goes” by The La’s through your airpods!

 Favourite places to eat and drink in London? 

NOBU or Balthazar. But I've said it once and I'll say it again - nothing beats a Sunday roast at the local pub!!


Chelsea London

We love how you styled your Bahamas Tunic whilst on vacation, what is your top tip for perfecting the holiday look?

 My rule is - if the print is bright and full of colour, keep it simple with styling - let the outfit do the talkin’!



Bahamas Tunic

Get Chelsea's London look.

Tell us what your ideal day spent overseas looks like?

Morning workout - get the endorphins flowing.
Coffee - iced oat latte hehe.
Brunch - something the locals recommend.
Cheeky op-shop - one man's trash is another man’s… shell necklace?
Early dinner - something fresh.
Sunset walk home - because everything's prettier between 5-7pm.
Keep it simple, nothin' too fancy <3

Chelsea London

With the world finally opening back up, which destinations are you most looking forward to visiting again and why? 

I would love to revisit Paris, I stayed there for a short time in my younger years and I would love to go back as the woman I am now! & I’d love to try Turkey or venture into more of Spain as I loved Barcelona!

Do you have any tips or tricks for traveling with ease? 
  1. Be. EARLY. My god just be early. 

  2. Take it easy, having no plan - is a plan! 

  3. Talk to anyone and everyone, you’ll be amazed at the lessons you can learn from a 5 minute conversation with a stranger! I met a woman in the bathrooms of Qatar Airport and we played cards for 5 hours! Got her life story but not her Insta - that’s the magic of travel <3

 What has been your most memorable travel experience so far?

There have been so many beautiful moments throughout my years of travel so this is a near impossible question! I’ve been so lucky to have traveled and lived in such amazing places like the US, Germany, Spain, Paris, London and the South of France. To be honest, for me, it's never the places you go, it's always the people you meet! It’s the spur of the moment conversation you have with the odd ball souvenir shop assistant in Paris who insists on telling you his life story, or the old couple you bump into and befriend walking through the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona that invite you on their dinner date.. These are the moments that stick with you! They’re all special in their own right, I can't pick a fav! 

How would you describe your personal style? 

Hmmm! This is a hard one considering I feel I have 7 personalities… But I would say I bounce somewhere between the colour & chaos of my inner child's expression and the chic & androgynous power woman I strive to be every day!! 

What’s next for Chelsea? 

I try to look at life in bite size goals - 3 month plans lets call it! It really helps keep me in the moment instead of always waiting for the next best thing!

Let's just say… more oysters, more coffee, more vintage shopping and you best believe some more international travel!


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