Bazaar Babe ~ Life in the slow lane with @rileys_travels

With two young bambinos in tow, a restored (epic!) 1962 VW Kombi van, an intrinsic love for exploring and the open road ahead of them - Kirianna and her wandering family Riley, Alba and husband Lockie are living the kind of nomadic lifestyle that we daydream of! 

Passing through the sunshine state of QLD on their latest on road adventures - we chatted with New Zealand born "Gypsy Mum" about their wonderful and wild world of travelling around Australia's awe-inspiring surrounds with a young family. How becoming a mum has influenced her personal style, a little insider knowledge on the best spots to visit on Aussie soil and why having no plan at all is where the magic happens. 

Let's hit the road... 

Tell us a little bit about you and your little family - who you are and what prompted the nudge to live on road? 

I think the term “Gypsy mum” is pretty suitable! We're currently living in our restored 1962 Kombi called 'Izzie', travelling QLD with our two babes - Riley, Alba and my husband Lock. Our philosophy is to give our children an EXTRA-ordinary life. They have one childhood and we only get one opportunity to live life with them to the fullest before they grow up and leave the nest. We are true nomads, with many places that are 'home'. I'm a New Zealander, who fell in love with an Australian boy while we were skipping around the pacific in the aviation industry. We moved to Tokyo in 2013 to embark on our passion for travel and career. Riley, our son, arrived in 2016 with a wild personality that inspired us to continue travelling and show him the world, just like we had! We hit the road in 2017 clocking majority of Australia and basically extended everywhere we went! Alba shone light into our lives with sparkles and rainbows and she too loved a good adventure! When COVID hit, Lock was grounded from overseas work for at least 18 months and we've taken this opportunity to explore more of Queensland. So here we are! 

What has living on road and travelling this landscape taught you? 

When a pilot and a flight attendant fall in love it's inevitable to travel, but we wanted to do things differently. We wanted our children to learn life long skills while doing it, things like problem solving, resilience and empathy. Some of our destinations have led us into some tricky places, meeting wonderfully different folk and tested everyone's patience on those long trips. My children somehow play ball in those moments. We feel the “beaten track” often has the most unspoiled destinations and coolest people!

Kirianna wears the Palazzo pants in sunrise

Do you generally have a plan of where you’re heading next or do you like to be a little spontaneous? 

100 percent spontaneous! We know the direction and the rest is left to fate.

How has being a mama shaped your adventures? 

They have made me more adventurous. Children respond to you. Funnily they get excited about new challenges while I'm sitting back biting my nails, but their excitement pushes me to go for it. I trust the road - it always works out! 

What would you say your motherhood mantra is?

Give gratitude, love and smile. Let children be wild! 

How would you describe your personal style and has it changed since becoming a mum? 

Becoming a mama has made me far more conscious. I want my children to have the experiences and opportunities I have had in life - mother earth is tired and hurting she needs love and re-conditioning to ensure generations after us can explore and enjoy too. My style is far more feminine since babies. I love my body, and love forever pieces that compliment and are comfortable, particularly on the road! I love romantic flow, sparkles and textured numbers!

Kirianna wears the Banjo dress in pacific

 2020 has certainly been a wild ride, what’s it been like to travel around Australia during this time? 

I have mixed feelings. I am grateful to have Lachlan home, but sad his passion and the career that brought us together is unknown. I have loved seeing the amount of appreciation people now have for family, time and our backyard. We've  had the pleasure of supporting small businesses and boosting the morale of others who follow our journey inspiring people to see Australia! 

We’d love your on the ground insight! With international travel looking more like a distant dream than reality - where are your most treasured places you have discovered? 

I feel so privileged to have spent time in many, many beautiful parts of Australia - we're so spoilt here. Most recently we visited Great Keppel Island off the coast of Yeppoon (Rockhampton), the air was clear and the water was sparkly. Tasmania is good for the soul and Esperance in the west will make your heart happy! 

If you could go back to any moment in time what would your ultimate fashion era be? 

Ahhhhh hello 60’s and 20’s. Mix them up - silhouettes, sparkles and flares!