Club Tropicana with @bananasfortravel

We caught up with travel muse & content creator, Ellinor of @bananas_fortravel on her most recent trip to Morocco. Discover her tips and trips for traveling with ease, plus her favourite Club Tropicana looks.

Tell us a little about yourself- who you are, where you’re from and what sets your soul on fire?
Hi, my name is Ellinor, I’m 26 and currently live in Sweden, although I have always regarded the world as my home. I come from a travelling family and travelled before I could walk. Experiencing the world from such a young age, its beauty, its cultures, its nature and its differences opened my eyes to how much there was to experience beyond home and I was obsessed. Travelling and seeking out all the adventure and magic the world has to offer is what sets my soul on fire and keeps me constantly coming back for more. A life goal of mine is to visit every country in the world.

Other than travel I love nature and photography, something I also learnt through my travels. I had my camera out wherever we went and captured everything. I am so grateful to now be able to call photography and travel my job.
Ellinor wears the Isla Maxi Wrap Skirt paired with the Bonita Blouse in Cabana 

You’re currently in Morocco, tell us about this experience…
It’s absolutely incredible! Morocco has blown my mind with its beauty, its architecture and the kind welcome from its people. This country has left such an impression on me and I could honestly not recommend it enough.  
Top 3 essentials when packing for an overseas trip?

1. Camera, laptop, memory cards, tripod and everything else needed to capture the beauty of the destination and for my work.

2. Headphones and a good book for the plane + a refillable water bottle.

3. Comfortable yet stylish clothes! I love feeling pretty when I travel and dresses are my favourite, so I bring as many as I can fit in my suitcase haha! Oh and my new essential: a steamer. Although I have a love-hate relationship with it.


Favorite Moroccan dish?

Vegetable couscous! Yummy and SO filling. And ofcourse the Moroccan mint tea! It lives up to the hype! It’s SO good and I could literally drink it everyday.

We love how you styled your Bonita Blouse & Isla Skirt whilst on vacation, what are your top tips for perfecting the holiday look?

Thank you! Definitely accessories! While some clothes speak for themselves I feel like you can elevate a look SO much by simply adding jewellery, a belt or styling your hair. I also feel like shoes or a nice bag can make such a difference so I make sure to think of both when I pack for my trips.

Ellinor wears the Isla Maxi Wrap Skirt paired with the Bonita Blouse in Cabana 

With the world finally opening back up, which destinations are you most looking forward to visiting and why?
I like starting my travel days early! Seeing a place still quiet in the golden morning light is my favourite. An ideal travel day is then spent exploring as much as possible, capturing as much as possible, connecting with locals and sucking up all the awe-inspiring beauty. I also love to travel through food and always make sure to try as many local dishes as possible.
I get incredibly excited over every new flower, plant and tree I see as I’m such a big nature lover and you will see me hype over a single flower for 10 min straight as I photograph it from every angle. As well as animals and views. Nothing makes me happier than being out in nature! Even in cities I will seek out nature wherever I can.

Do you have any tips or tricks for traveling with ease?

Yes! Research any tips and ”good to know’s” for your destination. Do you need different plugs? Anything specific you should bring or not bring? Any cultural aspects you should keep in mind? Anything you should make sure to try or look out for? Mistakes and troubles are part of travelling but doing some research before can help you know what to expect!

Research some places you’d like to visit too! You don’t need to plan a minute-to-minute itinerary but start planning what you’d like to see and get excited! The anticipation is part of the joy of travelling!  

What has been your most memorable travel experience so far?

Oh wow so many! The one that comes to mind first though is when I visited the Portuguese island Madeira with my family a few years ago. It was Christmas time and the capital city Funchal was incredibly decorated. Lights everywhere and the spirits were high. We rented a car and drove around the island and its beauty completely blew me away. Breathtaking views, mountains taller than the clouds, lush forest resembling rainforests, waterfalls, black sand beaches and incredible hikes all in one. I have heard people call Madeira “the Hawaii of Europe” and I can see why. The fruit was also the most diverse and delicious I’ve ever tasted! I’m constantly dreaming of going back. 

How would you describe your personal style?

A mix between everyday comfort and show-stopping dresses haha! No but really, I love both the comfortable urban style of ripped jeans and a comfortable top (what I wear at home in the city), as well as big flowy dresses I can feel like a goddess in.

The style closest to heart is the Australian boho fashion. I love flowy dresses that feel like a beach sunset or a flower field in themselves. Neutral, earthy colours, natural patterns and bright colours that speak of summer. There’s nothing I love more than getting to express my love for nature through what I wear.

What's next for Bananas for travel?

With the world finally coming back to life I’m planning a lot of exciting travels ahead. In 2020 my boyfriend and I had originally planned to do a big trip in South-East Asia so hopefully we can make that dream come true soon. It would be the first time in that part of the world for both of us and I would love to experience it.
I have some secret projects I’m working on but otherwise I want to keep inspiring through what I share on social media and keep growing my photography business. Travel and photography are truly my passion so being able to work with both is incredible, especially when it allows me to work with incredible brands like Nine Lives Bazaar. ☺️