Ain't nothing like an NLB party!

It’s absolutely no secret that if there is one thing we like to do here at Nine Lives Bazaar, it's to celebrate. From collection launches at incredible locations, to team bonding workshops, wild Christmas parties atop a houseboat and everything in between. When it comes to celebrations, there really is nothing quite like an NLB party! 

  Our ethos is, when it comes to moments in life - there is always an excuse to celebrate (within COVID restrictions of course!). There truly is nothing better than getting amongst the colourful humans in your life and cheers-ing to a special event or moment in time - be it big or small!  

So as we're in the thick of planning more celebrations for the year which we're so thankful we're allowed to do here in Australia - we couldn’t help but use it as an excuse to throw it back and share our most fun, fabulous and flamboyant celebrations from last year! 
...did we ever stop dancing?! 

100K Party - celebrating 100K Bazaar Babes. 

Because who DOESN'T want to celebrate hitting 100K followers on the 'gram! It just so happened that we hosted this party JUST before the craziness of COVID hit in Australia and restrictions significantly impacted events and social events in February of 2020, so we celebrated haaaaard with our nearest and dearest, wearing collections dating back to some of our very first and to our most recent!  For our little label born at the markets, this was a HUGE milestone for us, and we were too excited celebrate 100K fellow retro lovin' Bazaar Babes being part of our wonderfully extravagant world! 

 Rhapsody launch party - the sunset voyage

For a collection fit for a muse, we had to have the party to match. To celebrate the launch of our Rhapsody collection within COVID restrictions, we set sail on The Tweed! Celebrating in style of course, we cruised along the riverways, sipping  champagne under the setting sun. It was a magical bohemian haven and one of our absolute favourite moments from 2020 hands down! *Recreating this pronto!*

 Land of the Sun launch party - a colourful oasis in the hills 

A beautifully bright party with our *very* nearest and dearest due to COVID restrictions. It truly was the most magical afternoon - set amongst the rolling hills of the Northern Rivers - we created a luminous land and celebrated in anticipation for our most fabulous (and most loved!) collection to date. With an silent disco as the sun set, a glitter station, a effervescent explosion of our Land of the Sun print on all our favourite women - it truly was a night to remember and we're still talking about it!

 Sweet Thing Launch Party - a poolside twilight soirée by the sea 

To kick off the festive season and cheers to our Sweet Thing collection that was truly reminiscent of the quintessential summer season with all its endless sunshine days, magical twilight moments, sun-kissed skin and smiles from ear-to-ear, it seemed only fitting to host a party poolside. At the the newly refurbished Komune in our home town of Coolangatta, we sipped and grooved the night away! 


 NLB does Christmas - because there ain't nothing like a boat party

To top off a total wild ride of a year, through the highest of highs to the lowest of lows with COVID throwing in a major curveball - we had our best year to date and a last hurrah to top of a fabulous year with our NLB team - we couldn't not host a tropical themed boat party. An opportunity to cheers, and champion our whole team and continue to foster our unbreakable sisterhood - it was a total blast and we cannot WAIT to do it all again (and go even BIGGER) for 2021. 
Signing off until the next hoorah!
Gem x